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Multi-application integration and video analytics platform software Horus

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ID Number: BBU - 23532

Location: Vietnam

Applied Industries: Agriculture, High Tech, Information Service Activities, Manufacturing, Smart City, Tourism, Urban Mobility

Solution Type: Ready Product/ Solution,

Business Problems that solution solves: Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Smart Factory

Potential Collaboration Model: Business Collaboration (Joint Venture), IP Acquisition, Licensing

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The system is deployed on Kubernetes and Docker platforms, ensuring banking standards in limited network conditions. Possible streams include: Take advantage of the existing camera stream or newly installed camera; Can read and import available video-related data, user information for historical statistics; Scalable integration with existing systems such as employee attendance, HRMS, etc. The solution is a combination of many deep learning neural network models, which perform the task of representing faces in a high-speed search system. AI stream is done through the following steps: Stream Camera is taken via RTSP protocol from the camera, Deep Stream architecture is processed, using Deep Learning Detection RetinaNet models, data will be processed locally and sent notifications to the Cloud.



1. Identify appearing person

2. Smoke-detection

3. Fire-detection

4. Face recognition

5. Centralized camera management in the cloud

6. Commodity change identification

7. Identify unsafety (Fire, flood)

8. Smart alerts when dangerous incidents are detected

9. View images directly without logging in

10. Safety and security reports

11. Multi-Application Identification



Agriculture, High-tech, IT Operations, Manufacturing, Smart City, Tourism, Transportation, Logistics, Urban mobility



The system uses AI models to analyze images from surveillance cameras, helping organizations automate security operations and enhance customer experience. The system can identify customers at the transaction point, verify their identity, proactively collect customer habits, as well as manage the identity list, thereby helping to organize customer grouping and take care of each specific set of customers. In addition, the solution can also calculate the number of visitors, demographic characteristics, transaction time and many other information to help optimize sales, internal operations, and tighter security control. 



1. Automate operations, reduce operating costs

2. Increase accuracy

3. Operate 24/7

4. Reduce the risk of hazardous work

5. Increase customer experience

6. Enhance monitoring efficiency

7. Convenience for management



Market Expansion

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