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Pet care model that helps improving social life


ID Number: BBU - 23534

Location: Vietnam

Applied Industries: Consumer Goods, Health & Wellness

Solution Type: App/ Add-on/ Component,

Business Problems that solution solves: Customer Experience, Marketing Effectiveness, Others

Potential Collaboration Model: Business Collaboration (Joint Venture), Marketing, R&D Collaboration

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The application helps users access information about the company's products and services in an intuitive way and in accordance with the needs of each pet, the owner's habits and lifestyle based on the data collected. analysis. Customers can place orders, send requests for personalized products/services, and get useful and interesting information related to pets in general. The application is also a place to connect people with similar interests, spread the love for four-legged animals, and bring the best and most comfortable life for all pets and families. The application is a channel in the ecosystem, providing a consistent experience for customers and contributing to increasing the quality of the experience besides other channels.



1. A place to commercialize entertainment products and services, especially creative and personalized for each customer. For example, instead of buying a fully manufactured product and selling it in a real-life model, customers can order a custom-made product according to their own preferences or will be suggested by the application. product-specific characteristics based on relevant information and behavior on the application...

2. As an entertainment channel, improving spiritual life is digitized, with a repository of content from the company or from the community.

3. As a community connection platform between pet lovers/owners, who like to create / share / enjoy pet-related products and content.



1. Pet care products and services market

2. Creative communication, entertainment



This is both an ecosystem of pet care products and services that combine to improve the spiritual life of society, as well as a multi-channel platform for the distribution of these products and services and the results. Direct connection and enhanced customer experience. In terms of the product-service ecosystem, the solution provides high-class pet care and beauty products, entertainment services for pets and pet owners/lovers. In addition, the practical experience model of the solution will integrate functions such as a playground, breeding garden, veterinary clinic, rescue station, and pet school. Besides, the solution also develops applications to bring the above products and services closer to customers. The application will be a place to distribute innovative entertainment products and services, help the company convey humane messages, and also serve as a development platform - connecting the loyal customer community.



Customer's benefits when using the experience model or application include:

1. To be provided with knowledge from experts, high-quality pet care and beauty products, and entertainment and psychological services, to meet the needs of each pet and the needs of each pet. farmers.

2. Get access to other sources of creative, rich, multi-format, humanistic content related to pets and the connection between pets and people.

3. Have the opportunity to connect the community between pet lovers/owners, like to create/share/enjoy pet-related products and content, can earn income from sharing their content self.




1. Investment

2. Human resources have the ability to jointly research and develop products


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