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Platform helping large teams to sell more


ID Number: BBU - 23536

Location: Vietnam

Applied Industries: Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Health & Wellness, Wholesale, Retail & eCommerce

Solution Type: Ready Product/ Solution

Business Problems that solution solves: Customer Experience Employee Engagement, Omni-Channel Growth, Others,

Potential Collaboration Model: Licensing

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This Innovation analyzes behaviours leading to increased sales and digitize incentive and motivation systems driving these business results. This Innovation platform connects diverse sources of data: POS/sales data, employee/seller data, product information, inventory and process them to provide best insights enabling sales teams and their management.



  • Instant communication of sales competitions, incentive schemes, and challenges
  • Sales leaderboards, challenges
  • Benefits, rewards, and e-wallet for instant rewards/cash incentive payments
  • Real-time results updates and notifications to sales and management
  • Real-time analytics dashboards analyzing sales performance, sales people behaviours, and feedback
  • Micro-learning tools
  • Communication tools (chat, announcements, etc)



  • Full time sales employees in teams for companies with 100+ sales people
  • Freelance sales agents networks Industries: retail, FMCG, home appliances & electronics, insurance, finance, real estate, F&B, and more



This Innovation app helps large teams to sell more and earn more. It promotes and rewards behaviours proven to increase sales, and helps sellers to engage customers offline and online. It also provides management with real-time actionable insights to increase revenue. This Innovation serves customers in retail, FMCG, F&B, finance, insurance, and other sales focused industries.



  • Implement new initiatives FAST
  • Increase conversion of your sales teams
  • Increase product knowledge of your sales teams
  • Gain real time visibility on sales teams performance against their targets - Decrease cost of sales administration

Which company department will get benefits from solution?

Human Resources, Sales, Marketing

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