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Buy now, Pay later solution


ID Number: BBU - 86293

Location: Vietnam

Applied Industries: Financial Services, Wholesale, Retail & eCommerce

Solution Type: Platform Ready Product/ Solution,

Business Problems that solution solves: Customer Experience Digital Transformation, Omni-Channel Growth,

Potential Collaboration Model: Others

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Our solution allows modern retailers and e-commerce platforms to offer one simple installment plan for shoppers, allowing a purchase to be paid in four (4) installments, due every 2 weeks.

Retailer’s problem

● Online cart abandonment up to 80% with millions of dollars in losses

● Returning items impacting GMV ● Absence of support from payment partners

● Lack of partners driving pre-qualified loyal shoppers Consumer’s problem

● Scarcity of relevant user-friendly transparent payment solutions at low cost

● Lack of personal finance tools for shopping

● Always pay in advance even when item needs to get returned

● Lack of aggregator platform of all shopping transactions in one place



Our platform is divided into 4 main components:

1. Credit scoring engine: processing encrypted data and shopping allowance in real-time driven by data science
2. Merchant checkout: seamless and consistent UI with merchants that allows creating an account and process a transaction in 60 seconds.
3. Merchant portal: Reconciliation, Invoicing, Settlements, Order Status.
3. Consumer portal and mobile app > Technology and Smooth UI at the service of
merchants and consumers




1. We understand BNPL

2. State of the art technology and partners (Momo, OnePay, Fpt)

3. Obsessed about Customer Experience

4. Positioning

5. We are targeting younger consumers having an aversion to debt

6. We have a highly experienced team with extensive track record in tech, blockchain, finance, e-commerce and banking

7. Our investors and network


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