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Providing farm-to-table products


ID Number: BBU - 78833

Location: Vietnam

Applied Industries: Agriculture, Food

Solution Type: Ready Product/ Solution,

Business Problems that solution solves: Others,

Potential Collaboration Model: Business Collaboration (Joint Venture), Others

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Our company specializes in providing agricultural products, seasonal specialties, and processed agricultural products to customers. The company's product portfolio currently has about 35 products such as nuts, dried fruit, etc.


We provide agricultural products and services:
- Specialties: OCOP products
- Processed, frozen, ready-to-eat agricultural products and vegetables

"From farm to table" model through development on e-commerce platforms and regional stores.
Bringing agricultural gifts from the garden to the table, so that farmers and consumers both benefit the most.
Through our platform, the connection between the two ends of production and consumption is tightened closer together.

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