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Comprehensive business management platform


ID Number: BBU - 33664

Location: Vietnam

Applied Industries: Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Others, Wholesale, Retail & eCommerce

Solution Type: Platform,

Business Problems that solution solves: Customer Experience, Digital Transformation Employee Engagement,

Potential Collaboration Model: Licensing, Others

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Our company is a provider of SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that connects technology applications for business administration and management, supporting businesses in 4 areas: Task and performance management, Information and communication management, People management and development, Customer and business management.


Established in 2016, our company is now trusted and used by more than 5000 corporate customers of all sizes from tens to hundreds of employees, across many industries and fields such as: Outsourcing-Production Manufacturing, Finance - Banking, Construction, Interior Design-Construction, Retail Chain, Restaurant-Hotel-Tourism, Education, Real Estate, etc.

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