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Smart Water Bottle


ID Number: BBU - 29556

Location: Vietnam

Applied Industries: Consumer Goods, Health & Wellness, Others

Solution Type: Ready Product/ Solution

Business Problems that solution solves: Digital Transformation

Potential Collaboration Model: Others

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Our company focuses on applying technology to fashion and health, creating products that make people's lives simpler and more balanced. Our smart water bottle is a foundation to change users' bad habits, forming a habit of drinking enough water every day and thereby improving their health.



  • Gravity Sensor - Measures water to the nearest milliliter
  • BLE 4.2 - Helps to transfer data through the application quickly
  • Accelerometer - Measures exactly how much water is poured or drunk based on water velocity for more accurate data processing.
  • Smart microprocessor - Smart IC chip combined with an innovative algorithm can detect whether you drink water daily or not



Our smart water bottle meets 4 global living trends:

  • Eco: The trend of GREEN living is spreading strongly everywhere, limiting the use of all kinds of plastic indiscriminately, our product is made from healthy 304 stainless steel with excellent heat retention. 01 bottle can replace hundreds of disposable plastic cups.
  • Healthy: Our product's health benefits are reflected from the inside out, from the extremely high quality and safe bottle making materials. Up to the core function is to support you to improve your water drinking habits in a scientific way and in accordance with your body characteristics.
  • Fashionable: The smart water bottle is also considered an extremely convenient fashion accessory that can be stored in backpacks and bags. Suitable for all ages from children to the elderly.
  • Smart: Applying the latest scientific technologies, learning advantages from previous generation product lines and eliminating complicated functions so that users can easily use and enjoy maximum benefits from our product.



Our smart water bottle is a practical product for modern human life. If applied correctly, the smart water bottle will support the health of all subjects from skincare, weight loss, body detoxification, to participating in the treatment of water-deficiency diseases such as kidney stones. , liver purification, diabetes, gout….

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