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Sustainable engineering services in building design and energy


ID Number: BBU - 98221

Location: Vietnam

Applied Industries: Energy, Others, Smart City

Solution Type: Others

Business Problems that solution solves: Digital Transformation Others,

Potential Collaboration Model: Others

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We provide in-depth engineering services in building design and energy engineering, performing real estate product optimization to ensure well-designed and cost-effective buildings.



We apply building energy simulation technology to digitize design drawings, even when the building is still in the design stage. From there, describe the operation as if the building was built in reality, thereby examining elements that are normally invisible to design such as heat and energy, everything comes out with detailed figures and charts to analyze the pros and cons of the design, optimize the design to save investment costs and at the same time reduces energy use, leading to works that are consistent with the goals of sustainable development at a reasonable cost. traffic in Vietnam - energy-saving or green building comes with increased investment costs.



Building energy simulation technology is also very effective in renovating existing buildings to reduce operating costs for supermarkets, hotels, offices, schools, hospitals...



Currently, design requirements in line with the Sustainable Development Goals are not clearly established in Vietnam, although the government has pushed for requirements at the macro level. But the fact that even basic environmental and energy calculations do not meet technical standards has spread globally. Therefore, the waste of investment in the construction industry is huge, and at the same time causes damage to the environment and human health. Our service overcomes these limitations, providing higher investment efficiency but ensuring energy saving and better living comfort for constructions.


We are the first company in Vietnam to apply intensive energy simulation to optimize the design and engineering of buildings with the goal of reducing energy consumption, optimizing initial investment costs, and providing data input data to develop design drawings. The optimization and application of technology have been proven in 10 years of consulting experts for the largest and most prestigious international organizations in Vietnam such as IFC-Worldbank, USAID, UNDP, Embassy of Finland.. on demonstration of energy-efficient works.

This is a very different service from other competitors, such as consulting for green building certification, these types of consultants often lack in-depth simulation to optimize the design to reduce investment costs and reduce energy use. Or design companies mainly focus on implementing drawings, ignoring optimization research to reduce costs and reduce energy consumption.


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