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At BBU, we support you to be able to access to a wide spectrum of open innovation services and solutions that serve the different needs of your business.


    Go-to-Market Consultant

    Business Model Consultation; Product Development Consultation; and Go-to-market business plan.

    Market Penetration & Expansion

    Drive the brand & solution awareness via BambuUP platform; Reach the potential clients, investors & partners and Introduce and connect for business matching.

    Marketing Boost to Target Customers

    Target Marketing & Communication Package Off-platform; and Marketing Boost Package On-Platform.

    Deal introduction & facilitation service

    Suggestion for improving materials, Marketing the business, Buyer selection, Deal process facilitation

    Sell-side Services

    Preparing Business for the sale, Marketing the Business, Buyer Selection & Due Diligence, Closing the deal

    Innovation Hunting Services

    We provide the matchmaking to connect you with innovative startups who are strategically aligned with your technological interests.

    Innovation Challenge Hub

    An Innovation Hub for Corporates to share any business challenges and Startups/ Innovation Providers will approach to submit their innovative solution to address to the business’s problems

    Innovation/ Initiative Development & Set up

    Based on business demand and in-depth analysis, we design and develop the initiative approach/ solution and plug in suitable innovation providers to implement the project

    Buy-side Services

    Introducing startups/ potential businesses that meet the requirement of buyer/investor, Participating in the integration planning & due diligence

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